Friday, March 21, 2014

Former Champion Taken Down

This weekend is a special one for fans of college sports.

For me, the basketball takes a back seat to the NCAA wrestling championships.

In Iowa, wrestling is king.

Thus, it is somewhat ironic that the Iowa Supreme Court today imposed a suspension of no less than six months of a former University of Iowa national champion.

The attorney represented the plaintiff in a civil action.

A few days before the scheduled deposition of his client, he realized that he had not served discovery requests and, as a result, "embarked on a course of dishonest conduct that he will regret for the remainder of his legal career. "

The deception was uncovered when opposing counsel checked document metadata.

The coverup -- which involved a series of elaborate and persistent  falsehoods --was far worse than the mistake with respect to the initial failure to serve discovery requests. (Mike Frisch)

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