Thursday, January 30, 2014

Omissions To Two State Bars

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has imposed a six-month suspension of a New England School of Law 2010 graduate for false statements by omission in connection with his admission to the Bar.

The attorney falsely stated that he had never been charged with a felony offense. He also failed to disclose drunk driving charges that took place while his application for admission was pending.

He was convicted of DUI after he was admitted and failed to report the conviction as required by governing rules.

The attorney then applied for admission in Illinois. He falsely denied that he had defaulted on student loans (he was behind in payments at the time) and whether he had been charged with offenses against the law. He did disclose the DUI.

He passed the Illinois Bar on the third try but has not yet been admitted there. He reported his disclosure lapses to Massachusetts at the urging of Illinois Bar authorities. (Mike Frisch)

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