Thursday, January 9, 2014

Personal Favors, Prayers in Chambers, Get Justice Censured

A Justice of the New York Supreme Court, Bronx County, has been censured by the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The justice entered into an agreed statement of facts in response to a charge that "on numerous occasions [she] asked and/or caused her court staff to perform non-work-related personal tasks for her and to participate in religious and secular activities associated with her religion or church."

The justice had her secretary and court attorney pick up her daughter from school, had her secretary take her to a hair salon three times and had several employees do personal errands and work for her.

The court attorney had to go with the justice to Home Depot "to help respondent purchase potting soil and plants for a function at respondent's church."

The court attorney then assisted in repotting the plants for the church (clearly no Brendan Sullivan here).

The justice also had court staff join her for prayer in chambers and participate in religious activities after business hours. (Mike Frisch)

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