Tuesday, November 5, 2013

12 Years a Slave out in hardback and ebooks

Not really a book on the legal profession, unless you count the gutsy representation of the author (to regain his freedom) near the end of the book, by a similarly named attorney Northup (and legal documents in an appendix). But anyway my Quid Pro Books project released a nice hardcover Cover of 12 yrsedition of Twelve Years a Slave, an historical memoir which the movie tracks closely. We added some new documents at the back, such as the manifest of slaves of the ship carrying the author. Most previous hardcover printings used small font to jam this important book into many fewer pages. Our edition is carefully presented. Amazon page is linked here, and it's also at B&N online. Our Kindle edition, unlike those by other presses, is faithfully presented and proofread, as are available Quid Pro options at Apple and Nook. [Alan Childress]


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