Thursday, October 3, 2013

Former Congressman Suspended For Five Years

An attorney who made accusations against federal judges was suspended for five years by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Two federal judges testified in the disciplinary proceeding and denied the attorney's allegations of bias, conspiracy and other misconduct. The testimony of the judges was found to be credible.

One of the judges testified that, contrary to the attorney's allegations, he "has never been in a clique and is not now and has never been involved in pedophilia"

The Disciplinary Review Board noted the attorney distinguished service as a combat officer in Viet Nam, extensive community involvement, service as the Auditor General of the Commonwealth and as a United States Congressman.

Many clients testified of their admiration for him.

However, the DRB also noted that "was reprimanded in 2009 for similar misconduct, and he remained intractable in his position at the hearing and displayed no remorse or regret concerning his actions."

I have previously noted that my jurisdiction - D.C. - did not adopt Model Rule 8.2.

I must say that I find a five-year suspension to be a very heavy sanction for this conduct given the facts and circumstances set forth in the DRB report. (Mike Frisch)

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