Monday, June 10, 2013

The Ugly Side Of D.C. Bar Politics

When Gregory Smith wrote his wonderful attack on the D.C. Bar's profligate and irresponsible dues increase, he noted that the only other member of the Bar's Board of Governors to oppose the increase was Dan Schumack.

Well, I know what inevitably happens next.

Dan Schumack was defeated for reelection to the BOG. Another voice silenced.

I firmly believe that the bar's executive leadership controls the outcome of these bar elections. You speak against what the leadership wants and you are gone.

These people have recession-proof jobs because you have to pay your bar dues in good times and bad.

They can spend on themselves like drunken sailors on shore leave, partying like its 1999 by sending staff literally in droves to each and every ABA conference.

Many of these bar "executives" go to three or more conferences a year with all expenses paid, courtesy of the mandatory dues paid by D.C. Bar members.The travel, hotel, food and drinks are on us.

Nice work if you can get it.

And if you control who gets to serve in leadership positions, you are set for life. (Mike Frisch)

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