Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Perils Of Representing JB

An attorney who engaged in a conflict of interest due to his negligent supervision of a non-lawyer employee was publicly reprimanded by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The attorney defended a client in 2008-09 in connection with several crimes including battery of a person called "JB" in the court's order. JB faced charges of driving while intoxicated and there was a warrant for her arrest.

During the same time period, JB came to the attorney's office and was signed up as a client by the attorney's office assistant. At the time, they "should have known JB was a victim and witness in [the current client's] case." The attorney was disqualified in JB's case.

The attorney did not seek payment in either matter.

The court also noted that JB falsely denied being the person who had been a witness in the other case. (Mike Frisch) 


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