Thursday, February 14, 2013

Judicial Workplace Safety A Concern For Wisconsin Justice

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has recused herself from the judicial misconduct complaint brought against her colleague Justice David T. Prosser, Jr.

Justice Bradley noted that the recusal motions involved

procedural maneuvers, designed to foreclose any opportunity for a public hearing, have deprived this court of a quorum and may deprive the people of this state a full opportunity to learn what happened when four justices simultaneously appeared at my office on the everning of June 13, 2011, demanding that an after-hours press release be immediately issued.

Further: "This is and remains for me an issue of workplace safety."

Justice Bradley describes the encounter and accuses other justices of "spinning the facts" in the media. She states that the incident was not isolated but part of a history that "escalated from tantrums and rages, to threats, and now to physical contact."

She details her concerns for and efforts to protect her personal safety and states that she and the Chief Justice still lock their private offices out of safety concerns.  

Justice Bradley calls upon the court to reform judicial discipline processes both generally and in this matter. (Mike Frisch)

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