Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweaty Palms

The Ohio Supreme Court has disapproved the application for bar admission of a 2011 graduate of Capital University Law School.

There were three character issues addressed in the court's opinion.

One involved an incident in a first year law school exam:

...concern [was] expressed about [her] truthfulness based on her explanation that she had failed her real-property class during her first semester of law school because she failed to place her assigned exam number on the exam. She claimed she had written the number on the palm of her hand but that her sweaty palms had rendered the number illegible. The committee's investigation... revealed that while [she] may have lost some points based on her failure to use her assigned number, she had also performed poorly on the exam.

There were also concerns about her handling of finances and "the most serious area," which involved lack of truthfulness in explaining a 2008 traffic stop.

The court noted findings below that the applicant had "used her mother's name, birth date and Social Security number in an attempt to avoid responsibility for driving with an expired driver's license."

The applicant may apply to take the bar exam in July 2014 and will be required to undergo a complete new character and fitness invesigation. (Mike Frisch)

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