Thursday, April 26, 2012

Testimony Of Three (Ex) Wives

The Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the conviction of an attorney for the murder of his wife.

The court found no error in the admission of testimony of the defendant/attorney's three prior wives who provided "similar transaction evidence" of his violence.

The defendant called 911 on February 15, 2009 to report that his wife had blood all over her. She had been stabbed 31 times. He told investigators that he and his wife had no problems and were planning a Valentine's Day dinner. He was arrested and charged with the crime.

Ex-wife One testified that he beat her with a coke bottle when she refused to have sex with him. Ex-wife Two testified that he threw her into a glass-topped dining table after they had separated. Ex-wife Three (who was married to him for 22 years and who was also his law partner) testified he threatened to kill her, their daughter and himself with a shotgun. This last incident was precipitated by his anger over the daughter's phone bill.

The court found these prior incidents were properly admitted.

The case was featured on 48 Hours Mystery.

The defendant's last name is McNaughton but he apparently did not offer an insanity defense. (Mike Frisch)

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