Monday, February 13, 2012

"Brazen Scam" Results In Disbarment

The New York Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department has disbarred an attorney convicted of grand larceny.

Lawshucks had this earlier story about the attorney:

This is turning into a bit of perp-walk week, following yesterday’s arrest of a Goldman Sachs/Sidley lawyer who was soliciting a minor over the internet.

Then we got word of four friends who were  arrested in New York for a “brazen” scam – they opened bank accounts, withdrew the money, then put in claims that the money had been lost or stolen.  All told, they allegedly stole $422,000 on $700,000 in claims.

According to the Daily News, the “beaut of a scam” hinged on a “little-known federal regulation.”

Hmm… where does one learn about such things? BigLaw perhaps? Indeed!

One of the people charged was a BigLaw veteran, who may have actually figured this scam out on the job.

 Three of the four arrested, Eric Manganelli, Lam Dang, and John Tluczek, went to NYU together. The fourth was Tluczek’s wife Marzena. Dang and the two Tluczeks are “in finance.”

The other, and the hero of the story from our perspective, is Manganelli – the lawyer.

Manganelli stuck around the Village for law school, graduating in 1998. He did a turn at the Queens DA and a small firm before joining Morgan Lewis in May 2000. He stayed there until March 2003.

The criminal charges were reported by the New York Times. (Mike Frisch)

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