Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Longer Just Visiting

An attorney who attempted to smuggle drugs into a correctional facility has been suspended for two years by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The screening procedures at the facility found heroin and Xanax.

The facility uses an ion scan for visitors. As the scan was about to be done for a third time, a bag containing drugs was found at the attorney's feet. He denied that it came from him.

The attorney was attempting to deliver the drugs to a person he falsely identified as his client. A search of his car revealed additional drugs.

He was arrested and pled guilty to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. He was sentenced to 18-36 months and currently resides at Correctional Institute Laurel Highlands.

Presumably any visitors will show better judgment than the attorney displayed.

The suspension was imposed effective as of the date of an earlier interim suspension. The attorney consented to the sanction. One mitigating factor was that the attorney's own addiction was a cause of the misconduct. (Mike Frisch)

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