Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make Weight Argument

Not a legal profession case but one that is hard for me to resist as a former wrestler.

The Maine Supreme Court has held that a school district is not liable for damage caused to a motel room used during a school-sponsored event.

The facts:

Four members of MSAD 43’s wrestling team stayed in room 216. At
some point that night, the team members in room 216 turned on the shower,
blocked the ventilation system, and used the motel’s hairdryer to create a makeshift
sauna to help one of their teammates “make weight” for the next day’s match. As
a result of the students’ actions, the motel’s sprinklers activated.

Middlesex [the insurer] paid out $10,693.68 to repair the damage caused by the
students’ actions.

The court rejected the insurer's subrogation claim. (Mike Frisch)

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