Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video Game Addiction Leads To Neglect, Suspension

A Pennsylvania attorney who had career as a "competent and productive lawyer, highly respected by his peers" was suspended for three years as a result of his neglect, mishandling advanced fees and related misconduct in 17 client matters.

The reason for the pervasive neglect:

Respondent reacted to the pressures of practice as well as the pressures of a troubled home life by retreating into a world of computer and video games even as he was employed by others.

Respondent testified that when he experienced problems he lost focus on his legal work and diverted his attention to electronic recreation.

Respondent's escapism led to his loss of employment which in turn caused him to open his own practice in 2007. Respondent testified that when attempting to conduct his own law practice he sought refuge from his problems by playing video and computer games with even greater intensity. He describes himself as "addicted" to the games.

The Disciplinary Board rejected the five year suspension proposed by the hearing committee. (Mike Frisch)

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