Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Civil Law Dictionary Translates Common Law to Civil Law and Back

Part of the Quid Pro publishing project, the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary defines every word or phrase contained in the index to the Louisiana Civil Code, plus others--and provides current citations to statutes, code, and cases. Just out in paperback (from here; or Amazon now), plus hardback and ebook formats linked below. Though most obviously for Louisiana students and lawyers, common law practitioners in other states may find uses for a dictionary that translates civil law terminology into familiar concepts; and the civil law dominates the world's legal systems. The dictionary's dedicated website is here.

The ebook formats feature linked notes and hundreds of linked cross-references for association of related topics. They are at Amazon for Kindle; at B&N for Nook; and on Apple iBooks (previewed here). In addition to the paperbacks linked above, there is a new hardback edition that libararies and resellers can order through the usual catalogs, and also is now sold really cheap at Barnes & Noble at essentially the paperback price. Hope this is useful.

--Alan Childress

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