Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attorney Charged With Popsicle Threat

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging misconduct on the part of an attorney who had entered into a contract to serve as chief legislative counsel to the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians ("LRBOI"), a tribe located in Michigan. The complaint alleges that he was required to become a member of the Michigan Bar within six months and that the tribe sought to terminate him when he did not do so.


During the Tribal Council meeting, Respondent entered the meeting room and inquired about the nature of the Tribal Council's discussions.

Upon learning that the discussions pertained to who had authority to terminate Respondent's employment contract, Respondent told the Tribal Council that he would sue them if his employment contract was terminated.

When Norbert Kelsey, one of the Tribal Council members, expressed concern to Respondent regarding Respondent's threat to file a suit against the LRBOI, Respondent referred to Councilman Kelsey as a "joke."

After Councilman Kelsey left the room, Respondent made the following statements to the remaining Tribal Council Members about Councilman Kelsey:

"I will fucking kill that god damn pervert. I will kill him. If he thinks I won't I'll take that fucking cane of his and shove it right up his ass. Make him into a popsicle. I'm sick of his shit. Questioning me saying I was a token at Northwestern...

I'll kill his ass."

He also is charged with a conflict of interest, unauthorized communication with a represented party and instituting frivolous litigation. (Mike Frisch)


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