Monday, May 9, 2011

iPad2 for Grandpa?

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

This has nothing to do with the legal profession, but it's my blog, so deal with it.

After signing up for Skype so that I could work with my son at length over the last week, it occurred to me that my completely computer-illiterate 81 year old father, who lives distant from all of his children and grandchildren, should have an iPad2 so that he can video chat and get pictures.  Now we are talking never-turned-on-a-computer, wouldn't-know-an-icon-from-a-mouse level unfamiliarity.

I'm interested in comments on the following.  When I visit him next month, I will take him to the Apple Store near his house.  I will get a sales person to show him an iPad.  What are the chances that he will take to it successfully enough that we buy one and he is capable of using it on his own?

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I'm 80and have no problems with computers. but try to appeal to the persistent child in all of us!

Posted by: Douglas Sandberg | May 9, 2011 1:44:47 PM

I am the go-to guy for electronics for our receptionist at work. She is retiring this year, so I am going to guess that she is in her early 60's...

Anyway, she borrowed a company iPad and asked me to show her how it works. She's able to do a lot of things, but quickly forgets exactly how to do specifics. I suggest writing out a detailed, step-by-step instruction list on how to open and use video chat, then how to close it when he is done. As long as he has instructions to fall back on, he should do fine.

Posted by: TacoDave | May 9, 2011 2:24:54 PM

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