Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stanford Law Review Goes Kindle, Nook, and iPad Editions

Posted by Alan Childress

Becoming the first general law review to publish its current issues as an ebook (plus its traditional print volumes), the Stanford Law Review now includes Kindle and the other ebook formats in its distribution. I helped the editors digitize the first academic-year issue, Vol. 63, #1, as part of the "Quid Pro Books" ScanSLR 63 1 smaller file (2)project I discussed at Law Librarian Blog before. (They are the publisher, of course, not me--though one is tempted to insert an article...) SLR's Issue 2 ebook will soon follow.

For now, Issue 1 is available in the Amazon Kindle store (and its UK store); at Barnes & Noble for Nook; on the iPad with these apps and also Apple's iTunes bookstore; and in multiple formats including Sony, ePub, and rtf at Smashwords. This issue features articles by Ryan Scott (on sentencing disparity), Scott Hershovitz (what Harry Potter means to torts), Robert Cooter & Neil Siegel (collective federalism), and Brian Galle & Jonathan Klick (AMT tax). Hope it's a convenient way to keep up with scholarship for some, and a necessary adjustable font for others. Enjoy.

OKEY COVER use this3ther Quid Pro updates: latest releases in print and all ebook formats include Robert  Rosen's Lawyers in Corporate Decision-Making (more soon on that, as very pertinent to the blog topic), and the latest book from Amitai Etzioni, Law in a New Key: Essays on Law and Society

Also re-released are two classic books: (1) the sociological study (so far in digital, soon in paper), Neil Smelser's Sociological Theory; and (2) in print/digital in political science and criminal law, Stuart Scheingold, The Politics of Law and Order.

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