Friday, October 29, 2010

Georgetown Law Seeks Externship Director

A job posting just announced at Georgetown:

Georgetown University Law Center is seeking to hire a Externship Director.  We are looking for a person with both administrative and teaching skills who can build and grow an excellent program.  The Externship Director will be responsible for all aspects of the program, including: assisting students in finding appropriate placements; ensuring the quality of student placements; designing and teaching "bookend" classes at the beginning and end of the semester in which students define their learning goals and then reflect on whether they have achieved them; and holding individual student reflection sessions throughout the semester.  The Externship Director will be supervised by the Associate Dean for Clinical Programs and Experiential Learning; because this is not a faculty position, there is no scholarship requirement.  Teaching experience and familiarity with public interest, non-profit and/or governmental entities are desirable.   Please send a resume and cover letter to Associate Dean Deborah Epstein, [email protected].  Applications must be received by November 12th, 2010.   

(Mike Frisch)

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That could be a really rewarding job for someone who wants to teach students and steep them in a practical and professional environment. The opportunities in DC are boundless, and GULC is so known for its clinics, practical education grounded in sound scholarship, and real *values* that you know your work will be taken seriously.

Students really love externships but they do need guidance, structure, and relation to academic materials and not just throw-in-deep-end. There is a real teaching component to such positions, not only arranging jobs.

And you meet Mike!

Posted by: Alan Childress | Oct 29, 2010 10:01:32 PM

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