Thursday, July 22, 2010

The blue squiggly line, Part 2

Posted by Alan Childress

Recalling Jeff's recent run-in with the endless do-loop of the blue squiggly line of apparent grammar correction from Office 2007....  TEST:

What is wrong with this sentence?

The Court may one day face the question of why a homosexual couple, professing deep mutual affection and willing to assume the requisite legal obligations, should be denied the pleasure, the legitimacy, or even the tax benefits of being married.

According to the omniscient and highly political blue squiggly line from Microsoft, it is the lack of an S in the verb couple.

One little letter changes a lot of what I think the author intended, though maybe he was just crass and clueless enough to wonder indeed why homosexuals couple.  Reminds me a little of the one misplaced comma that changes meaning:  "Call me, Ishmael."  In any event, I hope the Court faces that question soon.

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