Thursday, July 8, 2010

GGU Law Launches Book Review Journal -- Online -- for IP Books; All-Star Reviewers

Posted by Alan Childress

I am not sure why the Book Review has become an endangered species, or why some journal issues famously dedicated to Book Reviews have changed formats -- hey, I LIKED that station, why did it go 70's classic rock and now play the Eagles all day? -- but someone is trying to do something about it. The IP Law Center at Patentethics_180214831_std Golden Gate Law just published online its first issue of The IP Law Book Review re books on patent, trademark, trade regulation, copyright and property concepts. Looks nice (includes the icons for the book much like an iPad would) but mainly it features books by some of the best in the Intellectual Property field, including Lemley and Burk; Catherine Fisk; David Hricik and Mercedes Meyer; and others.  Then the reviewers are the other half of the all-star equation, including Jeffrey Lefstin, Shubha Ghosh, Jessica Silbey, and Andrew Torrance.  Good idea and well executed.  It is "edited by GGU Professors William Gallagher and Chester Chuang."

One of the books reviewed is indeed, fitting this blog, Hricik and Meyer's Patent Ethics, shown right..

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