Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Orleans Never Needs An Excuse To Party

Posted by Alan Childress

The New Orleans Saints are going to the Superbowl on February 7.  Jury trial is scheduled for February 1.  It is basically the irresistible force versus the utterly movable object.  As my colleague Tania Tetlow wrote in sending this to us, "A wise decision from a local judge."

The judge ordered today:
The Court takes judicial notice that Saintsmania permeates the City of New Orleans. Many prospective jurors for the Parish of Orleans, several attorneys involved in this litigation and Court personnel plan on traveling to the promised land -- the Superbowl in Miami, Florida. The Court recognizes that this pilgrimage enhances the chances of the Who Dat Nation to acquire the long sought after Holy Grail -- the Vince Lombardi trophy.
With that, the jury trial scheduled for February 1 was re-set for February 9 (in pdf here: Download Order_Trial_Continued_Saints_to_Superbowl). And my son's school sent me a similar email canceling school on Monday, February 8.  All this in the middle of Carnival!

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