Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Enron Corporate Fiasco Reader Available

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

The Foundation Press compilation, Enron and Other Corporate Fiascos:  The Corporate Scandal Reader, 2d Edition , edited by Nancy Rapoport (UNLV), Jeffrey Van Niel, and Bala Dharan (Rice) is now in print.  I'm pleased to say that Suffolk is well represented: Andy Perlman (of Legal Ethics Forum fame) and I both have pieces in it.  Enron Andy's contribution is his Hofstra Law Review article, Unethical Obedience by Subordinate Attorneys:  Lessons from Social Psychology.  The editors were kind enough, or confused enough, to include two of my articles, the U. Toledo Law Review piece, Law as Rationalization:  Getting Beyond Reason to Business Ethics, and the Wayne Law Review piece, Sarbanes-Oxley, Jurisprudence, Game Theory, Insurance and Kant:  Toward a Moral Theory of Good GovernanceBrad Wendel (Cornell) also of LEF fame contributed Professionalism as Interpretation, originally in the Northwestern University Law Review.

Other contributors are John Coffee (Columbia), Cynthia Cooper (Cooper Consulting), Lynne Dallas (San Diego), Jose Gabilondo (Florida International), Malcolm Gladwell, Kent Greenfield (BC), Kristen Hays (Houston Chronicle), Katherine Kruse (UNLV), George Kuney (Tennessee), Donald Langevoort (Georgetown), David Luban (Georgetown), Jonathan Macey (Yale), Peter Margulies (Roger Williams), Colin Marks (St. Mary's), Geraldine Szott Moohr (Houston), Marleen O'Connor (Stetson), Frank Partnoy (San Diego), Robert Prentice (Texas), Robert Romano (Yale), Mark Sargent (Villanova), Steven Schwarcz (Duke), David Arthur Skeel (Penn), Christopher Whelan (Oxford, Visiting, Washington & Lee), Duane Windsor (Rice), and Randall Wray (UMKC).


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Wow, that is an incredible line-up of contributors.


Posted by: Legal Profession Prof | Feb 10, 2009 2:12:18 PM

Thanks for the plug! We're pretty darn proud of this book!

Posted by: Nancy Rapoport | Feb 10, 2009 2:48:09 PM

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