Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When Do the Obamas Get to Relax for a Little Bit?

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

Sorry, ABA Journal, but I'm going off topic for a minute.

I've been transfixed all day watching the inaugural (the Obamas are now walking on Pennsylvania Avenue, and I'm worried about security!), but my bigger question is whether in a day that followed a big night, where they started at 8:30 this morning, did the big ceremony, had lunch, and have to do parties tonight, do they get to go up in the residence, kick off the suits, throw on some sweats, and just hang for a couple of hours before they have to put on the gowns and tuxes?

The closest in my experience was my daughter's bat mitzvah.  We had the dinner for all the out-of-town relatives the night before.  We didn't go to St. John's Episcopal and have coffee with the outgoing President, but we did have to show up at the Temple early for pictures and a short meeting with the rabbi.  We too had a long and emotional ceremony.  We didn't do lunch in Statutory Hall, but we did a lunch in the social hall (complete with candle lighting and toasts).  Nor did we have a parade, but I did take the minivan over to pick up the soft serve ice cream machine.  And there wasn't an inaugural ball, but we had a bowling and karaoke party for the kids. 

All I know is that by about 5:00 p.m. I was beat.  We had about a 90 minute interregnum where we got to catch our breath.   Then it was off to Langan's Pizza and Bowl for the festivities, and my karaoke version of "Midnight Train to Georgia."

I hope they get some time to veg a little bit.


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