Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indiana Law Receives $35 Million Naming Gift; University Foundation Provides 100% Matching Funds

[posted by Bill Henderson]

Mauer Today is pretty special.  Indiana Entrepreneur Michael Maurer (IU Law '67) has donated $35 million to the Law School, henceforth renaming it the Michael Maurer School of Law.  During the press conference, Indiana University President Michael McRobbie reported that the gift is eligible for Indiana University matching funds, "effectively doubling the $35 million gift."  This builds upon the $25 million Lilly Foundation gift we received last year, which also resulted in additional matching funds from the University. 

Michael ("Mickey") Maurer stated that scholarship money he received as a second year student at Indiana Law, which came from a law firm with several successful alumni, was the inspiration for the gift.  The full story from the Indiana Business Journal (a publication Maurer owns) is here.

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Mickey Maurer may be a great man, but he should know that his contribution is being summarily panned by the Bloomington student body. Why? Because the Dean is so unresponsive and out-of-touch that my classmates and I have no confidence that any good use will be made of his money, while she will probably get another $50,000 raise while our tuition goes up another 10-15% again next year.

Our school is falling apart, we have ZERO new professors as a result of the Lilly Foundation's $25 million contribution made over a year ago to improve the faculty, and our curriculum is shrinking. Unless Mr. Maurer demands new leadership at the school, he should deduct any contributions from the current student body for years into the future from the value of his gift, because I know that most of us won't be contributing back as alumni to a School that doesn't care about its students, no matter how successful we might be in the future.

Posted by: 3L | Dec 4, 2008 8:05:12 PM

Summarily panned, huh? I don't think so. It's only being written off by those expecting tuition reductions or handouts. The enormously generous Maurer contribution, combined with the Lilly Endowment and other funds raised over the past two years, will be more effectively used to gradually, methodically, build the law school into an institution competing with the best public schools in the nation. The school, and the Dean, that you are criticizing is working to appreciate the value of your IU Law degree, which, in 10 years, will be worth far more than it is today.

Posted by: Reasonable 3L | Dec 5, 2008 10:38:53 AM

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