Friday, October 10, 2008

The Final Straw to Gov. Sarah Palin re Trooper Taser

Posted by Alan Childress

The official AK Branchflower report is just out and linked here.  Lost in all the legal verbiage and important findings will be this isolated event I note below.  It is one of those Doh! moments we have all had in our lives, and I can only imagine seeing Sarah Palin's immediate reaction.  Whatever your politics, and whether or not you agree with the report's finding that the motive to push the firing of Trooper Mike Wooten was not the sole factor in his boss's (Walt Monegan's) firing, consider this delicious moment of oops (page 71):

Finally, the record contains evidence that Governor Palin lost confidence in Commissioner Monegan when, on the eve of the 2008 annual Police Memorial Day ceremony, he sent her a photograph to sign and present at that event, but failed to realize it was actually a photograph of Trooper Michael Wooten.

OMG.  Either Walt has a vicious and really funny sense of humor, wanted to incite First Dude Todd into a frenzy, wanted to get fired, or made a big mistake which he soon heard about.  I suspect the latter but thought you would want to know about this non-reported scene.

I saw on Leno one time  -- or was it Letterman? -- his asking Carrie Fisher didn't she think his next night's guest Liz Taylor was just great?  Silence, then Carrie deadpanned:  No, she broke up my mom and my dad.  As Southwest Airlines would ask:  Want to get away?

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