Monday, September 8, 2008

Defeat And Rehabilitation

An attorney who had defaulted on charges of neglect of three matters and suspended for a year and a day was reinstated in Colorado. He had closed his law practice in 1987 after his election to the Denver City Council, where he served until 1995. He then was defeated in a campaign for city auditor: "[t]his defeat had profound emotional and professional effects on [him]." He opened a law office after the defeat. He had decided not to visit his father prior to surgery that the father was expected to survive because of practice demands and fell into depression. He defaulted in the bar disciplinary proceedings, advised the bar that he no longer wished to practice law, moved to California and supported himself by driving a taxi.

He has paid restitution  and devoted himself to study for the California bar exam. He produced favorable testimony regarding his legal skills from a professor at the University of Washington Law School as well as medical/psychiatric testimony that he presently is fit to practice. Reinstatement was granted despite the argument that his failure to comply with court orders and rules in a timely fashion precluded the granting of his petition. (Mike Frisch)

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