Saturday, July 19, 2008

Notes from Michigan

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

Some random observations this morning from up here in God's country. . . . (well, if David Broder could do it from Beaver Island thirty miles northwest in the middle of the lake, why can't I?)Faculty_nancyrapoport

  • The front page of the Detroit Free Press has a story on the latest gaffe in the mayoral debacle, this time, the decision by Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Harvard Law School) apparently to try to broker a deal with the federal prosecutors to resolve the mayor's difficulties at the same time she may be called upon to remove him from office.  Quoted in the article on the legal ethics angle is none other than our own Nancy Rapoport.
  • They have begun to tear down vacant Tiger Stadium.  See the New York Times.
  • Reading the list of Starbucks closings to which Alan linked felt a little like going down a list of disaster victims.  I knew the ones at 38th and Meridian and in The 100_0759 Precedent in Indianapolis.  I used to stop at the first one on my way down to teach my entrepreneurship and the law seminar at IU-Indy, and the second one was the stop between the gym and my office at Great Lakes.  Interesting that not a single store in Boston or Cambridge was closed.  Here's a theory.  Because of the significant competition in Boston from Dunkin' Donuts (I still don't get Dunkin' Donuts, particularly the abomination of having the servers put the cream in your coffee before they pour it, but Boston runs on Dunkin'), Starbucks never overbuilt.100_0763
  • For those of you just dying to know the fate of yesterday's cherries, first they are pitted and sugared (see above left), and then they are consigned to a cherry crisp (right).  We who merely climb the ladder to pick the cherries defer this latter highly technical activity to the experts.
  • Humean dogs.  My two dogs, Max and Annie, are constrained by an Invisible Fence.  When somebody Img_1052comes by walking a dog on the street in front of us, they run up and down barking furiously until the passersby are a couple feet beyond the lot line, and then they immediately stop.  I have concluded they believe they are causing the passersby to go away.

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