Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to the Lawyering Blogosphere: International Law Prof Blog

Posted by Alan Childress

The Law Professor Blogs Network, of which our LPB is a member, just added a new blog yesterday which may be of interest to followers of the legal profession:  the International Law Prof Blog.  It is "for professors who teach international law (and for those who are interested in teaching international law, or just keeping current with new issues in international legal education)." You know it is a new blog when early on the morning of its second day it already has eight items posted. One of the them, I noticed (and thanks), mentioned Tulane's summer abroad program.987327_earth Here's a post on careers in international law.

The blog is coedited by Mark Wajcik (John Marshall), Cindy Buys (S. Ill.), and Michael Piel (Wash U.), with contributions by Case Western adjunct Cyndee Cherniak.  The four have a wealth of international law experience -- practice, teaching, and administrative -- and see the coverage as broadly ranging from  private and public international law and human rights to IBT, comparative law, and summer study programs.  Given their experiences (and the kind of prof who would read it, often wearing many hats at their law schools), I hope they will include teaching foreign students in the U.S. and news or ideas about such LL.M. programs, including chat about the difficult legal writing compenent of it and orientation programs.  And of course if they post on items about other legal professions, practice and licensing across borders, or other matters showing that lawyers and ethical rules vary around the world, I hope they let us know and let us link them.

For joining the uncrowded blawgworld, and for being so internationally, the blog deserves the immortal words of Lili Von Schtupp: "Velcomen, bienvenue, velcome, come on in."

Update:  While I am on the subject of international law, I noticed that Brian Leiter has reported that Tulane has hired EU- and comparative- law expert Dr. Jorg Fedtke away from University College London; Leiter describes it as "a very good appointment for Tulane."  This follows a year after renowned comparativist and award-winning teacher James Gordley joined the Tulane faculty from his chair at Berkeley.  Another velcomen is due, Jorg.


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