Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Blog on Career Development In Law Features Bar Exam Tips + Ideas For Summer Job Prep

Posted by Alan Childress

The one-month anniversary has arrived for the LPB blog devoted to hiring and law jobs:  the Career & Professional Development Blog. Its main editors are CDO professionals Susan Gainen at Minnesota and Mina Jones Jefferson at Cincinnati, aided by a wealth of contributing editors from schools all over, including my colleague at Tulane, Carlos Davila-CaballeroThe anniversary present for a month is a copy of that colorful parachute book, which should come out in a pop-up version.

Recent essential posts at C&PD Blog include 12 very good (and not necessarily obvious) tips for taking bar exams, such as rent a nearby hotel room, don't fret but don't discuss, and don't get banned (true!) for a ringing cellphone.  The most non-obvious one, buried in #12, is to Drink Wine.  Other useful posts:84865_70927603

(1) eight things one can do over the summer to prep for job hunts [including creating that 'elevator speech' of which Jeff wrote here, plus 'scrubbing' one's e-persona and odd vocabulary like right now],

(2) six myths of job hunting, and

(3) functional and aggressive ideas for using email to network.

Don't be literal.  The speech should be about you, not the elevator.  (Unless you're President of the Harvard Law Review, in which case BigLaw partner will enthusiastically follow your cue about the fascinating subject of elevators ... or "lifts" as they call them in other common law countries, ha ha ha.)


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