Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gallagher to Present at L&S on How IP Lawyers Do Their Work

There will be many good panels on the legal profession and ethics that are set to appear at Law & Society Montreal next week, about which Legal Ethics Forum posted extensive guiding comments, including John Steele's talk on retainer agreements.  Also look for a paper to be presented May 29 by William T. Gallagher (Golden Gate, shown left as Clark Kent), reporting "the results of a study of the everyday Gallagherw lawyering practices of attorneys who enforce intellectual property rights in copyright and trademark cases." ..."perhaps over-enforce." Such devices as SLAPP suits and cease and desist letters will be considered.  The presentation is Strategic Intellectual Property Litigation in Copyright and Trademark Cases

Bill's panel on culture and IP practice also features the always-fascinating Susan Scafidi (SMU, visiting Fordham, shown right in always-apt pearls), whose blogging on culture and fashion Scafidi_2 including knock-offs [Counterfeit Chic] is widely read by both lawyers and fashionistas (Vogue-pawers and even accounting types who follow the big business of fashion production, marketing, and insignia).  Scafidi authored the book Who Owns Culture?  I wonder what her chic blog would say about my sister-in-law's dress design being knocked off by Forever 21...

[Alan Childress]

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