Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Depressed Lawyers in California and Elsewhere

The California Bar Journal has a May 08 story called Depression takes a heavy toll on lawyers.  Among other issues, it cites the Mental Healthy Day idea of GW student Daniel Suvor (our story on that initiative here), and the Lawyer Assistance Program resources available in California. 

Our prior posts on the larger issues of lawyer depression and perceptions are linked here, here, and here.  That final Here has further useful links to posts by John Steele at LEF and studies by Bill Henderson and others on lawyer satisfaction and mental health issues.  [Alan Childress]


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This is a serious and pervasive issue nationwide. Numerous articles and books discuss the problem, but solutions seem elusive. But the main question is, are those who are attracted to the legal profession predisposed to depression, or would this profession cause most people to become depressed? Either way, it is...depressing.

Posted by: Kelly Anders | May 6, 2008 9:23:48 AM

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