Monday, April 21, 2008

New Issue Out: bepress's 'Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology'

Posted by Alan Childress

The bepress journal Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology announces at this link its newest issue, Vol. 2, Issue 1.  The journal "is a peer-reviewed and policy-focused journal that examines the ethical and legal issues that arise from emerging technologies."  All papers are easily accessed in PDF via links at either site above.  Its table of contents for lead articles (plus discussions and book reviews not listed64603_traffic_light_amber here) is as follows:

Death in Traffic: Why Are the Ethical Issues Ignored?
Leonard Evans                                    

The Ethics of Autonomous Military Robots
Jason Borenstein

Privacy, Data Protection, and the Unprecedented Challenges of Ambient Intelligence
Antoinette Rouvroy

The Legal and Ethical Changes in the NHS Landscape Accompanying the Policy Shift from Paper-Based Health Records to Electronic Health Records
Alan C. Gillies

Engineering Greater Resilience or Radical Transhuman Enhancement?
Andy Miah

The Historical Idea of a Better Race
Matti Häyry

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