Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Google's Custom Time Gets New Rival

Posted by Alan Childress

Yesterday, for obvious reasons, the law blog posted on Gmail's new feature Custom Time that allows the user to set the time an email  was apparently sent.  Backdating is apparently good for late cancellations of dates, March Madness pool selections (a la 'Wreaking Crew to win'), and tricking the boss into thinking the memo was sent on time but was swept into the spam filter.  (At my school, I am amazed that Screenshot_2 most emails from the university president under the title "Tulane Talk: subject matter" are only found in my junk mail.  That might make sense if he had a habit of trying to sell us CiAli$ for less as Subject Matter, but it is odd since these are internal emails.)  Anyway, Custom Time has some great uses and was rolled out by Google yesterday.  In the illustration at right, you can even mark it as 'read' and berate Grandma for forgetting she already read it.

Today I hear rumors that (a day late) Microsoft will announce that Hotmail will offer a similar feature, which in development was called Gates Now Can Stop Time Too, or GNCSTT for simplicity, and will be marketed as Cricket.  Originally it was just called Unixx, but they decided Cricket would appeal to children better, sort of like Joe Camel.  The new function only takes seven or eight steps and use of the middle mouse button.  The only hitch is that it sometimes imbeds into any blog program certain codes that will wipe out user functions.  When using Cricket, keep in mind that Windows XP will freeze and you will restart your computer after five or six End Now conversations with your computer where you get the feeling that your computer is repeating End Now like Rainman.  They need to add a 'Definitely, definitely end now end now' grey box, one with stick to it.

Cricket is free for users of Explorer.  They mean Internet Explorer, not the Windows table of contents thing.

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