Monday, April 28, 2008

Fischer on Controlling the Bar From Without, Especially By Insurers & Legislators

Posted by Alan Childress

James Fischer (Southwestern Univ. School of Law), shown left [Southwestern has the best faculty pics], has posted to SSRN his article, "External Control Over the American Bar."  It was first published in 19 Getimage_2 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, winter 2006.  Here is his abstract:

Professional regulation is primarily about self-regulation. Codes of Professional Responsibility and Rules of Professional Conduct promulgated by the American Bar Association are prime examples of forum and content of self-regulation. While this approach does much to inform lawyers of their professional obligations, it does so at the macro-level, focusing on general obligations and duties. Professional codes and rules are largely silent at the micro-level; they often fail to inform lawyers of their day-to-day obligations, which are building blocks of the larger professional obligations set forth in the codes. Historically, these day-to-day activities were left to lawyers to work out on their own. With increasing frequency and detail, however, non-professional regulators are stepping in to regulate and control lawyer conduct and much of their attention is focused on the day-to-day activities of lawyers that the professional bar has largely ignored.

In this paper, I examine two non-professional groups who have entered the field of profession regulation: insurers and legislators. While for the most part insurers and legislators complement professional self-regulation, both insurers and legislators are taking positions regarding required lawyer behavior that is different in degree and kind from that required by professional codes and rules. The trend has been for both insurers and legislators to assume more aggressive postures. To date, courts have tempered the most aggressive impulses, but whether they will continue to do so is unclear.

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