Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cat Attack

Also not a legal profession case, but of possible interest is a decision the other day from the Connecticut Supreme Court. Two neighbors are both cat owners. One of the cats (described as "dirty, scruffy looking, ragged and in apparent pain") apparently was well known for roaming the neighborhood and starting fights with other cats. The cat had never attacked a person.

One neighbor (who we will call the plaintiff) had her cat outside when the other cat attacked. Plaintiff attempted to intervene and was scratched and bitten on her hand. She sued. There was evidence that defendant let her cat run free because the cat was doing damage to the interior of her house. Summary judgment was granted to defendant by the trial court, but was reversed here. There was sufficient evidence that the defendant was aware of the aggressive and dangerous tendencies of her cat to defeat judgment on the pleadings. (Mike Frisch)

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