Saturday, December 15, 2007

Update: Alberto Gonzales Stripped of Title for ABA's Lawyer of the Year

The ABA Journal backtracked bigtime, likely due to reader outrage and the power of emails, and has re-dubbed Alberto Gonzales its "Newsmaker of the Year."  Note the updated and neutered ABA Journal 549705_97841385 story and its deer-in-headlights press release

A post and numerous comments, on the turnaround, from Think Progress are linked here.  TP hat-tips a Wonkette post here, also with lots of comments (many of which I do not understand, except for "Press releases like this is what you get when lawyers and marketers have unprotected sex.").

The really good news is that this apparent demotion of A.G., AG, actually makes John Steele one step closer to truly being named "Lawyer of the Year."  Even closer if you consider that Scooter Libby and Mike Nifong, initially ranked ahead of him, are no longer lawyers so they cannot carry the moniker.  You know, "if for any reason..."  Basically John Steele is the Suzette Charles to Gonzales's Vanessa Williams (especially if the ABA Journal puts George Burns on the cover).

If this were an Agatha Christie novel, the plaid inspector would be starting to suspect Steele by now.

[Alan Childress]

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