Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plug: New Video Promotes Tulane Law School Post-Katrina

The message seems to be that the parts of New Orleans affecting students, and Tulane Law School itself, are back strong.  Here is the new video.  I have been noting that reality on this blog for over a year now, since we suspended classes for a semester in 05 and got all caught back up by summer 06.  Our recent classes and hiring are top notch by every measure -- and show no signs of post-Katrina Video_icon_lg regression.  But stereotypes and assumptions die hard, and it is impossible to go to an academic conference without somone in the elevator asking  if we are having classes yet.  (I want to say, "Yeah, since January 2006, and our 06 graduation featured former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, plus Ellen DeGeneres in a bathrobe.  You?")  Anyway, this youtube-style video makes the point well.  And here is a campus-wide slideshow.  (I am not on either show, so this is not directly a plug for me.)

But even if a reader has no interest in Tulane or New Orleans, or is already studying law elsewhere, I still recommmend our summer school in Spetses, Greece, where I will teach Comparative Legal Profession.  My former pics from the program are here.  (This is a plug for me.)

[Alan Childress]

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