Friday, December 14, 2007

More Top Ten News: Alberto Gonzales is Lawyer of the Year (?)

Posted by Alan Childress
The ABA Journal has named Alberto Gonzales as its lawyer of the year, ugh, with many runners-up including (in order) Mike Nifong and Scooter Libby.  Good grief.  In good news, the journal's weekly online version has this story on Legal Ethics Forum's posted top ten list of legal ethics stories.  Congrats to John Steele for being properly noticed for his great ethics roundup, which we had recognized here.  On the other hand, there is no truth to the rumor (started by John Steele) that John Steele was named as a runner-up in the Lawyer of the Year list.  That is true only in the sense that last year I was, here, named Time's Person of the Year. 

I was happy to see John's post featured by the ABA, though I would actually also recognize Mike Frisch as the first to notice that Scooter's disbarment was required and inevitable, in his prescient posts here and here, a view that got a lot of attention in the blogosphere and proved correct. Further, I was left a little stunned the ABA never picked up on my war with the tattoo people, this time last year, over that toy tattoo needle Christmas gift (toy tats for tots), likely because it was the end of 2006.  Or even Jeff's classic post combining string theory, Hume on God, Charelevoix ice cream, and of course a plug for renting his peninsular Michigan lake house.  Most people who could pull that off have the advantage of being ADHD, but not Jeff.  No such crutch for him.  Anyway, just what does the ABA see as its priorities?

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