Friday, November 2, 2007

Reinstatement Granted

A lawyer disbarred in 1987 was reinstated by the Nebraska Supreme Court. While employed by a firm, he had withheld (i.e. stolen) over $20,000 in fees collected that were due to the firm. He was caught and given a second chance. He then misappropriated over $20,000 and was reported to the bar.

The court states that "a mere sentimental belief that a disbarred lawyer has been punished enough will not justify his or her restoration to the practice of law" and that reinstatement "should be difficult rather than easy." However, the lawyer has been successfully treated for alcoholism, made restitution and is presently competent to practice. He also had produced numerous character witnesses. The fact that he had declared bankruptcy in 1995 was no bar to reinstatement as he had a legal right to such protection. (Mike Frisch)

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Hope the Supremes dont find egg on their faces again as happened every other time it gave a victim of demon rum multiple do-overs

Posted by: Dale Gribble | Nov 2, 2007 1:22:59 PM

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