Friday, April 27, 2007

Legal Heroes

One of my traditions in teaching professional responsibility is to show a film called "Legal Heroes" by 205447_76104857 Larry Dubin in the last class. It is the inspiring story of three lawyers of diverse backgrounds who made remarkable contributions to the cause of social justice. Watching the film last night called to mind my own legal hero, Father Robert Drinan. I encourage readers to take note of the flood of remembrances that came after we lost Father at the beginning of this semester. His impact on so many from all walks of life is an inspiration to all of us. He is greatly missed and dearly loved.

The other legal hero who has inspired me throughout my professional life is Professor Sam Dash. Sam was not just a legend in the law. He was a courageous champion of the less fortunate in society who battled injustice all over the world. He was also as dedicated and popular a teacher as I have ever known. His international stature did not make him in any way remote or inaccessible to his colleagues and students -- like Father Drinan, he was as loved as he was respected. (Mike Frisch)

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Most of my legal heroes come from film, but I have read a bit about Father Drinan and can appreciate his inclusion in any such legal pantheon. He was, to put it feebly, a rather remarkable person. It's nice to be reminded that exemplary role models with their exalted behavior and characters are not beyond the reach of many of us. As I've implied elsewhere, this goes beyond an appreciation of the value of pro bono work, spilling over into what Sarat and others have termed 'cause lawyering.'

Posted by: Patrick S. O'Donnell | Apr 27, 2007 5:17:40 PM

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