Monday, April 30, 2007

Ethics Stories This Morning: On Logos as Deceptive Ads, Judge+Prosecutor In Camera, and Suing The Pants Off Someone

Posted by Alan Childress
New today is Blawg Review's survey of recent blogposts of interest, hosted this week by Blawg IT and written by Iowa patent attorney Brett Trout.  In addition to recognizing Jeff's ode to lawyers knitting as a "great summary" of the top ten reasons, Brett covers three LP-related posts.

First, he links this David Giacolone "f/k/a" post on the Florida Bar's rather inconsistent dealings withPanterfirmlogo logos:  lion good, panther bad -- that sort of thing.  That was especially problematic for a firm named Panter, Panter, and Somebody (so the bar seems to have eventually relented there), leading David to refer to the "Florida Bar’s Dignity Police and Advertising Nannies."  The logo-debate's most recent incarnation is going after a firm (our story here) for its pitbull icon and the phone number 1-800-PITBULL.  That firm defends itself withPitbulllogo_2 this post

Second, Brett reports on possible ethics charges up to disbarment for a prosecutor and a judge in Colorado, linking from Al Nye.  The AP news account is "Ex-judge, prosecutor face discipline for admitting having sex in judge's chambers."  Brett notes that "I have had that happen to me several times -- but it has always been in more of a metaphorical sense."  We have previously noted the issue of prosecutor-on-prosecutor action in the stadium ladies' room during a Seattle Seahawks football game (you know you are getting old when you think:  don't they realize those tickets cost a fortune?).  We sincerely hoped Law & Order did not feature Fred Dalton Thompson in a story "ripped from the headlines" there.  As for the new Colorado story, there is no truth to the rumor that Angie Harmon will return for a guest spot for yet another headline-ripped plot.  Anyway, the prosecutor is fired and the judge's case is before the judicial review board.

Third, the Blawg Review links to this and this recent account of the D.C. lawyer/administrative law judge who is suing his dry cleaner for $67.3 million (not just a paltry $62.2 million), for a pair of damaged pants.  Here is the take of the local newspaper from Ward 5 on that as well.  Some pants.  [UPDATE:  WSJ Law Blog and its readers react here.]

Finally, and not via Blawg Review but via Yahoo!News (I still have trouble with an important newssource other than E! having an ! in its name), is this defense of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank, Wolfowitz:  Ethics Panel Knew of Pay Deal.  Really it is from the Associated Press.

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