Friday, December 1, 2006

Bashing the Legal Profession: Miss Manners Says Suck It Up (Post Your Own Snarky Replies Here)

Posted by Alan Childress

Well, more like she says get used to it, but the prognosis is the same.  We have previously posted on lawyer bashing and related tort-reform campaigns against lawyers.  We have also noted1406_my_dog_01 (and linked) the important contribution of lawyers to American culture, particularly the gift to gemeinschaft that is the gelled cranberry sauce.  But even that may not be enough, incredibly, to buy the legal profession out of the cultural dog house.

In response to a 1L's question as to how to deflect intrusive questions about student debt and the high cost of law school, Miss Manners implies that the rudeness is just getting started and will soon extend beyond tuition curiosity.  In "Conflict of Interest," the 1L notes that people like to hypothesize the debt she must carry and adds, "I assume that Miss Manners would consider me responding with 'Don't worry because I'm filthy rich' bad manners."  [Editor's note:  LPB has no such manners compunctions.  Try responding, "I'm here on a full scholarship courtesy of your tax dollars, thank you very much."  LPB does not quite know how that would be true, short of JAG or some kind of Northern Exposure deal, but does not care.] 

Anyway, Miss Manners' first thought was apparently not meant to comfort 1L:  "If you dislike the unfiltered remarks people make when hearing that you are in law school, wait until you hear what they say when you are a lawyer."  No sweetness and light for that 1L.  On the other hand, Miss Manners' two actual offerings for reply sound better than mine and reveal a level of irony and putting-in-place that suggests that even she may be getting impatient with that whole 'manners' notion: 

  • "Education is expensive, isn't it? I don't know why anyone bothers."
  • "You're so kind to worry about me. I think I'll manage, but I'll keep you in mind if I run into trouble."

The floor is open to your own suggested reply (to any form of lawyer-bashing question, or the debt one for 1L), to be posted in Comments here (which will be delayed because the system requires one of us editors to check a virtual box before they appear on the blog).  No cranberries, please.

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1. In addition, I have noted that lawyers lead the corporations that bring us Spam and Olive Garden. So put that in your gemeinschaft and smoke it.

2. How about "I managed it by taking myself public. Did your broker miss the offering? You really ought to think about TD Waterhouse instead."

Posted by: Jeff Lipshaw | Dec 1, 2006 9:39:19 AM