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Top Ten - Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility - Oct. 31

Here are the ten papers with the most downloads in the last sixty days, as reported by SSRN's Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility journal, edited by Cornell's accomplished and very tall blogger (on B_wendel_1Legal Ethics Forum), Brad Wendel (left).  Now it occurred to me that if you had been absent from the academic side of law for, say, twenty-five years or so, and you reappeared after the advent of SSRN, you would be in awe of those mysterious and iconic "editors" of the SSRN journals who keep sending you e-mails all the time:  Adler & Bix, Arterian & Paul, Black.  I can attest that Bernie Black is a real person - I was in an elevator with him at the Marriott Wardman Park once.  I'm pretty sure Brian Bix is a real person because I send him e-mails and he responds (with unfailing courtesy and kindness, by the way!) 

Not only is Brad Wendel a real person, but he entertained my son James and me on our trip through Ithaca (part of the college visitation trip from hell).  Here's the official bio (slightly edited) from the Cornell web site.

Brad got his B.A. from Rice, J.D. from Duke, and J.S.D. from Columbia.  He joined the Cornell faculty in 2004, after teaching at Washington and Lee Law School from 1999-2004. Before entering graduate school and law teaching, he was a product liability litigator at Bogle & Gates in Seattle and a law clerk for Judge Andrew J. Kleinfeld on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. His teaching interests are in the regulation of the legal profession and torts, and his research focuses on the application of moral and political philosophy to problems of legal ethics.

Oh, yes.  The top ten.   

1 Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Readiness for Rehabilitation David B. Wexler, University of Arizona - James E. Rogers College of Law

2 The Paradox of Extra-Legal Activism:  Critical Legal Consciousness and Transformative Politics, Orly Lobel, University of San Diego School of Law.

3 Politics, Office Politics, and Legal Ethics: A Case Study in the Strategy of Judgment David McGowan, University of San Diego - School of Law

Southwest Airlines:  Hedging and Shareholder Value  Michael R. Ingrassia, Georgetown Law Center, Victor Fleischer, University of Colorado School of Law

5 Judicial Opinions as Minefields of Misinformation: Antecedents, Consequences and Remedies Jacob Jacoby, New York University - Department of Marketing

6 Harry Potter, Ruby Slippers and Merlin:  Telling the Client's Story Using the Paradigm of the Archetypal Hero's Journey, Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers School of Law - Camden.

7 Plato, Hegel, and Democracy, Thom Brooks, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

8 The Images of Lawyers Fred C. Zacharias, University of San Diego - School of Law

9 The Legal Penalties for Financial Misrepresentation Jonathan M. Karpoff, D. Scott Lee, Gerald S. Martin, University of Washington - Business School, Texas A&M University - Department of Finance, Texas A&M University - Department of Finance.

10 Legal Hazard: Corporate Crime, Advancement of Executives' Defense Costs, and the Federal Courts Peter Margulies, Roger Williams University School of Law.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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