Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lawyer Responsible for Spam Promoted

Gotcha.  Per today's Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Hormel Foods Corp. is Jeffrey M. Ettinger, 48, whoHormel "began his Hormel career as a corporate lawyer, but then jumped to the food side of the business where he managed the chili division before moving up to head Jennie-O, a successful subsidiary specializing in turkey.  He was named CEO of Hormel last year, having been handpicked by his predecessor, Joel Johnson, without an external search, and last week, he took on the additional post of chairman of the board."

Anything I were to say from here on would be a cheap laugh, and I only go for cheap laughs in class.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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Is this an example of a lawyer "living high off the hog"?

Posted by: tim zinnecker | Nov 29, 2006 3:25:14 PM