Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bow To Us: The Legal Profession Gave You the Cranberry Sauce that Wiggles

Jeff previously posted this amazing link (by LSU's Christine Corcos) which cleverly reels off all sorts of authors, actors, artists, heroes, journalists, and stars who were first, of all 169428_grill_2things, lawyers.  The list looks pretty comprehensive.  But glaringly omitted are two crucial historical figures who start with Ma [as do we all]:  Max Weber, a commercial lawyer before he practically invented [not the grill but rather] sociology; and--most importantly this week--Marcus Urann, sage inventor of the sweet gelatinous form of cranberry "sauce."  The feat is explained nicely by 250558_66725547 Peter Lattman at the WSJ law blog.  As one commenter named Nerd posted, that 598068_cranberry kind of cranberry sauce in a can is the only food you have to open both ends to remove. 

The legal profession, for all its public trashing lately, deserves major credit for this. (Don't add that we gave you Watergate too.) Apparently owing to the log o'berry, Lattman waxes:  "Lawyers are, indeed, something for which everyone around the Thanksgiving table should be thankful."  You're welcome and Happy Thanksgiving from LPB. [Alan Childress]

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Some have argued that Spam is also such a food product requiring double-ended can-opening, but I disagree. Spam is cleverly covered with its own faux mucous extraction facilitator.

Posted by: Alan Childress | Nov 23, 2006 8:53:32 AM