Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Top Ten - Legal Ethics and Professional Responsbility - Oct. 17

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

There are no new entrants to the top ten this week, but some jockeying for position, just as the dust starts clearing on the BCS Bowl picture.  Fortunately, for purposes of clarity, we only have the computer rankings on which to rely, but were we to adopt a BCS approach, we'd have to have a couple subjective polls as well.  Here's to the possibility of a "Game of the Common Era" between Michigan (Go Blue!) and the team from that institution in central Ohio with the funny-looking mascot and the very fine law school.  (Hey, even my wife thinks Kirk Herbstreit is a hunk.)

But we digress.  The current top ten downloaded papers as reported by SSRN for its Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Journal, as of October 16, 2006:

1 Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Readiness for Rehabilitation David B. Wexler, University of Arizona - James E. Rogers College of Law

2 Politics, Office Politics, and Legal Ethics: A Case Study in the Strategy of Judgment David McGowan, University of San Diego - School of Law

Southwest Airlines:  Hedging and Shareholder Value  Michael R. Ingrassia, Georgetown Law Center, Victor Fleischer, University of Colorado School of Law

4 Judicial Ethics, the Appearance of Impropriety, and the Proposed New ABA Judicial Code Ronald D. Rotunda, George Mason University - School of Law

5 Judicial Opinions as Minefields of Misinformation: Antecedents, Consequences and Remedies Jacob Jacoby, New York University - Department of Marketing

6 Plato, Hegel, and Democracy, Thom Brooks, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

7 I Can Tell When You're Telling Lies: Metadata in Litigation and Transactional Practice David C. Hricik, Mercer University - Walter F. George School of Law

8 The Images of Lawyers Fred C. Zacharias, University of San Diego - School of Law

9 Legal Hazard: Corporate Crime, Advancement of Executives' Defense Costs, and the Federal Courts Peter Margulies, Roger Williams University School of Law

10 Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Marina Ricci, Valparaiso University School of Law



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