Thursday, October 5, 2006

Signs of the Pedagogical Apocalypse

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  From my assignment postings last week:

In connection with the discussion of the Atlantic Salmon v. Curran case, whether or not you are on-call, if (a) you volunteer with a moderately intelligent and non-disruptive comment which is actually pertinent to the discussion (i.e., you are not just floundering), (b) you include within the comment a fish pun (it's okay if you bone up ahead of class), and (c) in my sole, absolute, and plenipotentiary discretion, I decide it is the best fish pun of the discussion (of that case only please, and no use of Gill-berts is permitted), then I will excuse you from your next on-call duty.
*Offer not good in Mississippi. Professor not required to acknowledge that ANY pun meets the criteria.

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