Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Kind of Limited Counsel to Pro Se Clients: Pilot Project on Helping Self-Help

Posted by Alan Childress

Robert Ambrogi reports here on LawSites (via Massachusetts Law Updates, with further links) about a pilot project in Massachusetts permitting attorneys to take on limited appointments of self-represented people, to counsel them on discrete or limited parts of their matter without obligation to take on the case as a whole.  It's starting with family law and probate courts, and even includes drafting documents531931_a_nonstick_frying_pan_1 signed by the client but with the notation "prepared with assistance of counsel."  This may be the closest thing, coincidentally, to something MyShingle's Carolyn Elefant was116412_japanese_restaurant_01_6 just kidding about last week when she marveled at a cooking service that makes the customer do most of the work--and joked we should do that in law practice too.  I suspect she didn't mean to be so prescient.

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