Saturday, October 28, 2006

Follow Up to Hricik Post on Facial Prosecutorial Misconduct

Posted by Alan Childress

Over on Legal Ethics Forum, David Hricik (Mercer) had previously posted, in "Naked Prosecutors, Oh My!," about a Ohio prosecutor arrested for wandering around his building without legal briefs.  Apparently a prosecutor in Seattle (or two) read David's post and determined to one-up the merely-naked Ohio prosecutor.  A post on CrimProf Blog reports (from the Seattle Times) that he (but not she) was arrested after patrons complained they were having sex in a bathroom stall at Qwest Field during a Seahawks game [editor's commentary: eww].  He is a senior deputy prosecutor, not unlike the title held by "Jack McCoy" (Sam Waterston) in Law & Order. Because NBC producer Dick Wolf always prides himself on taking the show's plots straight from recent headlines -- and fearful that the actors including Fred Dalton Thompson are method-trained Stanislavskians who always do their research before playing a role -- we at LPB are determined to simply 'hold it' at any future sporting event to avoid hearing that donk-donk musical cue coming out of the stall next door.

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